Through harmonious partnerships and volunteer opportunities, we aim to spread our message to people of all ages.

Our wildflower gardens offer vibrant, real-world classrooms just outside the front door. And it’s not like it’s rocket science – it’s just regular science: horticulture, photosynthesis, botany and entomology. Don’t worry, it’s just the basics and there are no tests!

Ultimately, we hope that practicing and preaching the benefits of these gardens will prepare the next generation to serve as environmental stewards. Anyone can do it.

Admittedly, some of our aspirations for community development are down the road and rely on relationships with organizations who support our cause. But we believe we have the right team to build best practice and share that knowledge with those organizations and the greater population.

By working together, we can strengthen relationships at home and and build a communal sense of environmental responsibility.

It may start with a seed, but it is sustained with the cooperation and contribution of the community.

For more information on volunteering with The Wildflower Project, please contact us by emailing