The foundation of our project is simple: it starts with a seed. Seeds represent new life, growth, hope and prosperity. Life as we know it doesn’t exist without them.

There are many definitions of the word seed, but the one we like to use is:
“The beginning of something which continues to develop or grow.”

Seeds contain all the material a plant needs to make more of itself. More flowering plants equals more food for flower feeders . More food equals healthier pollinator populations. More pollinators mean a greater yield of new seeds. It’s a cycle as old as time, and one that we have the power to help grow.

The more square footage of urban landscape we convert to wildflower gardens, the healthier our ecosystem becomes.

All of our seed mixes are 100% wildfower seed. No fillers. No chemicals are used in the installation of our wildflower gardens. We are 100% organic. Also, recycling is good. And pick up trash.