Guerrilla Gardens

The first pillar of The Wildflower Project is getting seeds in the ground. Remember, it all starts with a seed. It isn’t always easy to get permission to install a garden. Sometimes there are too many layers or hoops to jump through for an install. So we look for spots between the cracks, hidden gems and forgotten plots that meet our criteria: urban, dilapidated, underused, vacant or wasted…in other words, spaces with no hope.

Some may call it vandalism or trespassing, but we don’t. We are reconciling with nature. – reviving pollinator ecosystems in our cause to coexist.

Take a look at our vigilante gardening…

Not so bad, huh? More pictures (with flowers) to come! Take a look at our Garden Sites Map with satellite locations of our gardens.

If you have a spot you think would be a good candidate for a guerrilla garden, please tell us about it by submitting a site.