Healthy habitats support healthy communities.
Healthy communities support healthy lives.

A core belief of The Wildflower Project is community development. Community development means working together to improve the health of our society. Through partnerships, public events, volunteer efforts, and careful design, TWP is able to create spaces that:

  • Restore Neglected Plots
  • Encourage Learning
  • Teach Practical Skills
  • Eco-Friendly & Sustainable
  • Stimulate the Senses
  • Engage Groups and/or Individuals of All Ages
  • Promote Civic Responsibility & Community Pride
  • Beautify the Landscape

It is our firm belief that installing wildflower gardens will provide communities — land-locked by concrete and development — easier access to nature, and all the physical, mental and social benefits that come with it.

Ultimately, we hope that practicing and preaching the benefits of these grassroots activities will prepare the next generation to serve as environmental and community stewards.