Summer-y (2017)

Summa, summa, summa-time! Where to begin…

At the end of May, in our last blog post, we mentioned that we’d received a donation from Sunrise Bank. They gave us a tiny, 200 square foot rock bed at their University and Vandalia branch and let us work our magic. And we did. Take a look at the before and after, keeping in mind this is only a couples months worth of growth!

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It’s really starting to fill in and quickly becoming one of our favorite gardens. Hopefully more opportunities with Sunrise Bank are in the near future!

More bad news out of South St. Anthony Park and our partnership with Joy of the People – a once promising garden was carelessly cut down by the city of Saint Paul (not JOTP’s fault). At the time, it was our best looking garden and one that held so much potential. It was very sad to see it chopped down, but luckily, wildflowers are resilient! It has bounced back and produced a few blooms, but it’s bittersweet knowing what it could have blossomed into. We are planning a full reseeding/replanting next fall, this time with much better signage. Lesson learned.

Quick note, we are planning on having a BBQ fundraiser at Joy of the People near the end of September to help raise money for our permaculture garden proposal. We will share more details on our social feeds as they develop, but you’re all invited to come hang out and learn about the amazing project we have planned for South St. Anthony Park.

More stuff from June & July:

  • We formed a new partnership with Dunning Community Garden. They gave us three spots and a few bucks and we added some beautiful habitat. They are the third Community Garden we’ve partnered with and we are always looking for more!
  • The city of Minneapolis and the Beez Kneez, LLC donated pollinator patch kits and fruiting trees and shrubs to our Prospect Park Community Garden Plot. While the garden has being doing so-so, these new elements are growing in very nicely. Huge thanks for the donation!
  • We installed signs at our Urban Growler and Merriam Station Community Garden projects! They big and bright and we think they look pretty sharp!



In other news, TWP continues to work with the good folks at Oak Glen Golf Course. We are engaged in talks about installing a 10,000 square foot pollinator garden. We are hoping to prep the site later this fall and sow our seed and plant our plants next spring…stay tuned!

Quick note, we finally got our online donations link set up via PayPal, so if you are so inclined to support a local organization who’s goal in turn is to support your community, we’d sincerely appreciate it. $5 is about 100 square feet of seed – it all helps! Donations page linked here. Thanks!

Lastly, over the past few months, we have been lucky enough to meet some truly amazing people. Our conversations have led down some very exciting paths with major potential in the near future (you may be hearing a little bit more about us…hopefully!). We are excited to announce that we have formed our inaugural board of directors who will be helping steer our organization towards prosperity. In the coming months we will share more details about our board members, but for now, let’s just say they are a group of extremely qualified, interesting, dedicated and passionate individuals, and we can’t wait to see what they contribute to the mission.

Oh, almost forgot to mention, TWP was on the front page of the St. Anthony Park Bugle a couple weeks ago. Kind of cool overview of what we’re working on. Thanks to the Park Bugle for helping us spread the message. Give it a read here. They called us scrappy and we kind of like it.

If you still need more TWP info (we don’t blame you), check out our social media feeds from June 21…we we’re busy bees that day and it really illustrates our passion for this project. We hope you like it and we thank you for your support.

’til next time, keep planting with a purpose!

Mr. E

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