Summer Time!

15 Hours of Sunlight!

Today marks every sun-loving plants favorite day, the Summer Solstice, in which the Twin Cities are graced with 15 hours and 38 minutes of day light. Cheers to Sunny Skies!

How about an update?!

The TWP Camp has been hard at work over the last few weeks, firing on all cylinders. Our seeds at the first guerrilla garden are sprouted, with some upwards of 6” as of this message. We went ahead and completed another guerrilla spot as well, heavily urbanized, requiring us to remove ample trash from the space, removing weeds, and planting some mature, established wildflowers. One planter’s trash, just became a small businesses treasure.

Partnerships in the community are steadily growing. Our efforts recently have been with community-based organizations, community gardens, a few hospitality businesses, and a handful of others in the works. We’ve presented design renderings with several, and are essentially looking at our schedules for when we break ground.

The next week involves a ~800 sq. foot garden with Merriam Station Community Garden, a patio-seating area with Round Table Coffee, and re-purposing some perennial beds with Prospect Park.

Many more partnerships and gardens to come,

Cheers to seeds sprouting and pollinators populating!!


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