Exciting News!

Things are moving really quickly with TWP, I love the energy that our local community members have for our mission. On Wednesday evening, Ean and I attended an informative
community meeting held by Joy of the People (JOTP). This was an opportunity for JOTP to reach out to the community and receive feedback from neighbors on how they felt about future changes to the park. Wanna hear something exciting? The Wildflower Project made it on the powerpoint! We looked at each other with a “are you kidding me?!” face.

Only a few days ago we were introduced to Victor, president of the board of JOTP. He also happens to be native to Brazil and is one of the more exciting personalities I have met lately. Once he heard about our plans for JOTP and TWP’s mission, he immediately jumped on the idea!

We spoke more with Victor after what actually ended up being quite a heated community discussion about the conversion of our local tennis courts to a turf court for both soccer/tennis. Our project was his saving grace as neighbors got up in arms about changes to the park(these changes are good, trust me). While people were upset about losing the courts, they were very happy and encouraged to hear about the wildflower installation.

After a long Minnesota goodbye, which also included a tasteful witch hunt joke, we had sealed the deal with Victor. We thought this would be the most exciting news of the week…but there’s more.

The Saint Anthony Park Community Foundation held its 1st annual grant award ceremony. While we were notified before the ceremony that we did not win a grant, the experience of seeing what they are all about was worth the trip.

We had the opportunity to meet several folks from the foundation and other community organizations. It’s exciting to hear people’s reactions when we tell them about our project. They’ve all been so supportive. It makes us feel like we’re doing something truly worthwhile.

We should have a better idea about some upcoming partnerships next week. We hope to share more good news in the near future! That’s all for me…

Talk soon,

(Habitat) Matt W.

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